Anyone know the height of his Highness?


Just curiosity. I wanna know the height of the six men. Chazy looks taller than Mike sometimes. But as far as I know, Mike is taller than Chazy. And Rob has to sit on the stage everytime, never saw him stand close to somebody during their shows.
Do you have the same question? Or you have the answer? Just say it. :grin:



Rob is the tallest (and youngest)

Mike Shinoda - 6’
Chester Bennington - 5’ 10"
Brad Delson - 6’
Rob Bourdon - 6’ 4"
Mr. Hahn - 6’
Phoenix - 5’ 10"

Side fact: Chester happens to be the only lefty in the band.


Mr. Hahn is the same as Chester? I think Chester is taller than Joe


I dunno, I always thought Chester was the tallest due to the mini-figurine statues height,

they all seem quite tall to me, although the other day when Mike stood next to Conan, Mike appeared really short.
(They’re all taller than me anyway - I’m only 1.7m (5’ 7") tall - short genes from my 1.48m (4’ 10") short mother)


Yes, but look at where they’re positioned, Chaz is right up front and Rob is in the back.


I don’t know, I just found these on wiki answers. I always thought Brad was the tallest, but that might have been because of his 'fro.


Rob is tallest, Phoenix is shortest. I don’t think Mike is a full 6’ though, neither is Joe or Brad.
I thought Mike was a lefty too.


I didn’t know that. But what do you mean by ‘was’ ?


Mike isn’t lefty lol


The best way to find out is to watch a few M&Gs and see which hand he writes his autographs with. I’ve seen one M&G and I noticed him using his right hand. The only reason I noticed that Chaz is a lefty is because I’m a lefty too :stuck_out_tongue:


Rob’s the tallest (also a lefty) and Mike is 5"10 (he’s said so himself in a recent interview) and he is right handed. No idea about the rest of the guys but another cool fact is that Brad and Rob are vegetarians (I believe Rob is actually vegan but I’m not entirely sure). Someome esle in the band is as well but I’ve no idea who it is (Well, Dave or Joe since I know for sure Mike isn’t).


I definitely know that they aren’t. Mike was talking about it in one of the Linkinlogs. He said that on the tour there was only one person outside of LP that was also a carnivore so they had to hire a chef for the rest of the bands so that he could cook for them.


Only Rob is vegetarian, Chester said he tried to be but he likes eating animals too much


I’m trying to find if that’s true, I ended up stumbling upon this trivia:

“His previous job was a waiter” - Imdb

I just can’t see Rob as a waiter lol. I’ve got a vague vision of him playing a solo with a knife and fork on the customers’ cups and plates every time he brings their orders. :joy:

Also something I didn’t know:
Rob (on making Somewhere I Belong video): Before it was shot, they were telling me which way to go in case I caught on fire. They said I wasn’t supposed to run, I was supposed to drop on the ground and they were gonna hose me off. Joe likes to put us in danger.


All the guys apart from Brad and Chaz are righties. Chaz is a lefty and you can’t see Brad’s hands during the video, but he’s right handed as well.


Well, if Brad’s not a vegetarian anymore I guess he stopped. He said a few years ago that he started being one simply for trying to eat healthier.

As for who’s a lefty and a righty, Rob and Chester are lefties. Brad is definitely not a lefty lol. (Been to a m&g so yeah, seen which hand they use).

Overall this is a funny threat. Who cares how tall they are or whatever? Music is what matters.


Rob’s dexterity is a mystery that will never be solved, someone should ask him at the next M&G they go to because in that vid he was right handed lol.


Maybe Rob’s got ambidextrous [use both left and right]? They say it is more common to find some people considered ambidextrous who were originally left handed and who learned to be ambidextrous. Apparently a drummer or a pianist can learn to be ambidextrous.


wow, so lovely haha :grin: