Anyone remember this?


Alright, this is a very silly little parody, but i found it back in my high school days and thought it was hilarious. I rediscovered it today so i thought i’d share it with you all to see if there’s anyone else who remembers it. If not - Enjoy, i guess! For those wondering, it can be found near the bottom of the page on this site:

[i]P-Diddy, P-Pappa, Pappa-Diddy-pop: So you wanna be bawler, shotcaller, Brawler, you’ll be livin’ down in the squaller, It’s all about the Bennington what!



We see Linkin Park finishing off their set at a small-town show. Bennington goes to the wings before ordering the rest of the band who are still waving to the crowd to get backstage.

Chester: SHINODA! I want you!

Shinoda: Yes sir?

Chester: Get me… I can’t remember his name. The Other one, Mr.Hahn and the other, other one. The one who plays the… Bass.

Shinoda: Yes sir.

The shot changes to a group shot of Linkin Park.

Chester: I don’t believe that this tour has gone as well as our Hybrid Theory tours and there’s only one person to blame here. All of you. So, from now on, you’re all fired. This ends your stint as Linkin Park members, but never fear, I will still allow you to serve me and live in my yard while I’m on tour with BETTER AND MORE TALENTED MINDSLAVES!

Shinoda: Since there’s more of us, can we still keep the name; Linkin Park?

Chester: NO! The Linkin Park name dies with me. Now Shinoda, you may get on your hands and knees while I ride you back to my dressing room.

Shinoda gets up and turns around to walk away.

Chester: #Don’t turn your back on me, I WON’T BE IGNORED!!!#

It’s with this comment that Mike Shinoda gets enraged and jumps Bennington as the two struggle for his Millennium Rod.

Chester: It’s my Millennium Rod! No!!!

Shinoda: GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Shinoda eventually overpowers Bennington and grabs the rod and starts smacking Chester around the head with it.

Chester: You’re bonking me. Sigh[/i]


I am sorry to say I do not remember this! It sounds hilarious :slight_smile: