Anyone Selling M&G Tickets For any show in America


Looking for any M&G ticket Its my dream to meet Mike and im travelling from Australia just to see him :cry:

VIP Post Traumatic package for SLC
Ticket for Orlando Show

Look here


Mine is an early entry + merch but no M&G, I dont know if you’re interested. I can totally negociate the price.


Sorry im especially looking for the M&G otherwise im going to get a standard ticket


If you have tickets already for a specific show, there are meet and greets available here:

It’s not a guarantee, though. You just have to enter the pool and hope you get lucky.


If you could let me know how you would pay and the amount that would be great and I for sure could have 1 for you, granted you will be in SLC November 8th


I believe they are also non-transferable.


I can transfer the money and im basically planning my trip around the concert so ill be there for sure


as i understood, you had to contact ticketmaster or the seller and verify that it was possible
i did see that you could put them back up and try to sell if you cant make it-at least that was how it was for the masonic in sf
i think just make sure before or since youre both going, then make sure youre going together possibly?


Im willing to pay same amount as you paid or negotiate if you wanted more @dallas36


I have one for Cincinnati but that’s in 3 days ):