Anyone selling Post Traumatic VIP Package for any US show?


Hi there.
Didn’t have a chance to buy VIP package in time, so was wondering if anyone for some reasons probably can’t go and selling?


May have to sell my NYC tix if you’re interested.


@shadycroat, if you end up having to sell, I would buy! :smiley:


I think I may have to. I have two tickets. PM me when ya can


@shadycroat So you have two Post Traumatic VIP packages, right?


Correct. They are the “Crossing A Line” package


@shadycroat There are two types of package, “Crossing A Line” and “Post Traumatic”.
I need the second one :slight_smile:


Anyone selling Post Traumatic VIP package for Raleigh, NC?


Crossing A Line one is what I said I have


If you are still selling them, I’m interested!