Anyone selling their LPU 16 Hardcopy CD?


Hi - I was out of the country and I unfortunately missed out on buying the first wave of LPU 16 membership. I was wondering if anyone here would like to sell their CD? Please PM. Thanks!


I got caught myself. I had no idea it was so limited either or even that there was a first wave. So, I missed out also and would be interested as I buy CDs and want to keep my LPU collection going. Sorry you had similar trouble.

So, I hope someone has one to sell you and I will stand second in line if there is someone else.


There is one copy on Discogs for $100.
You buy the cd only just to resale it privately in such a ridiculous price?

There are people who really wanted the cd and weren’t able to afford the package as soon as it was launched, or weren’t aware it was limited etc. And now we will be ripped off just to get a copy…
Guess the “first in first served” wasn’t a good idea after all…

Maybe if there is more of us showing interest in purchasing the cd from the LPU store, they will make new copies? puppy eyes


Wow, that is pricey…

I sure hope that they go ahead and release another run. Thanks for your comment as I sure would love to see it become available, obviously :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s waaaay to expensive, even for a limited edition!

A second print would be a win-win situation: get a copy of the precious (I read that the artwork on the front cover is amazing!!!) and support the community :slight_smile:


LPU will not release a second wave?


Unfortunately, no. I’m hoping I can get one. Nobody is selling one on eBay.


Anyone in here still thinking about selling their hard copy CD?