App for the forum


Hello everyone! I’m new in the forum so forgive my ignorance. I want to know if you use app for your phone to manage the forum because with my phone is very difficult. thanks to all in advance for the answers :wink::wink:


Unfortunately, there is not currently an app that supports this forum. There is an outdated LPU app for iOS, but the forums section is not the current forums.

The websites should accommodate to different devices though, what problems are you having with the mobile version?


There are no major problems. But being new is hard to understand how it is organized the forum. I thought that with an app It would be easier


An app would be nice. We were told one was coming in LPU13 and it never came so maybe we will still get one


waiting for an app that never comes :joy::laughing:

I´ve probs to upload pics from my iphone…and since I entered the when and where topic on my phone, I´ve no longer access to that topic at the main site, but on my phone I am logged out either! Mb @lpuhq can help me and make discussion ab an app for future, it´s sure more comfortable and we are in 2015… lpu further was one step closer to the rest…

one step closer to the app…lol :sweat_smile:


We hope that soon there will be an app. It would be fantastic !!


As long as the app is good enough I’m up for it. So far the mobile version of the site (and the forums specifically) work just fine.


An application would help at all :sonriente: