Are pre-sales for CPT and JHB concerts closed for good? Or will they be re-opened?


Got my tickets for CPT this morning and now I’ve noticed that the ‘Buy Tickets’ option for the CPT and JHB concerts in South Africa is ‘N/A’. Does that mean pre-sales have ended because the pre-sales quota has been filled? Or will more pre-sale tickets still be released before normal ticket sales start?


Hey dude,golden circle quota has been filled,computicket reserve the right to a certain percentage of the tickets,both reserved and golden circle. How do I know this? Wanted to book golden circle today and found that it was sold out…then I freaked and called computicket,she confirmed what I’m telling you now


I totally get that. But the reason for my q was because the ‘Buy Tickets’ option for CPT and JHB were both ‘N/A’ during the course of yesterday. All i wanted to know was whether all the pre-sales were fully sold-out or whether more tickets were released. Since the ‘Buy Tickets’ option is re-enabled this morning for CPT, there are still reserved seating tickets available for sale (i.e. more tickets were released for pre-sale and that answered my q).