Are there any other fans of 'Red' here?


Red is one of my fav bands (along with LP and Blindspott/Blacklistt) and I was curious to see if anybody else here is a Redhead.


show the video or the link to the song you love most, post it here, I don´t know them, I think but curious… :grinning:


I don’t have a fav song (that’s like asking me to pick my fav LP song). However here are their albums in chronological order: UWHF and OBAR are definitely ones you should give a try.

End of silence:
Innocence and instinct:
Until we have faces:
Release the panic:
Release the panic recalibrated (this is like what reanimation is to HT):
Of beauty and rage:

Also, their music videos are a mind breaker as all of their latest ones are interconnected except they’re not released in the order they happened so you have to piece it together yourself. I’ll post those too in chronological order in terms of release (I’ll let you piece the correct order of events yourself).

Feed the machine:
Release the panic:
Perfect life: (not entirely sure if this one is linked but you’ll see why i included it)
Darkest part (this one has a sweet double guitar spin towards the end):

I think a lot of people are put off this band when they hear that they’re a Christian rock band, but that doesn’t mean anything. Also, they’re currently working on a new mind screw vid for ‘shadow and soul’ from of beauty and rage.


Wow you did a great work and I´m a believer, so I think they´re waiting for me, or at last arrived, I give them a chance right now… see ya later!


I’m not into religion that much (I’m not atheist either), I’d rather stick to science (lets not start a fight/argument). The point is that it doesn’t stop me from listening to their awesome music.

Other good bands from the same genre:
Skillet (Start from ‘Collide’)
TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch). I’d say start from ‘phenomenon’ (the album)
12 Stones (start from their first self titled album)
We as human (their latest self titled album is the best of the 2 they have)
Nine Lashes (start from ‘world we view’)

Fun fact: John Cooper of Skillet brought WAH to the attention of the record company and featured on one of their songs. Trevor McNevan of TFK did the same for Nine lashes.


not allowed in germany fuck politics, nonsense, these money-horney sorry bieeeeeeep
I´m not that kind of people who argue such things, living and let live, mostly tolerant, I try to be, and I´m not a dude which goes to the chapel every time, I like to say that I don´t go to catholic churches, as I´m baptised, I found kind like god inside myself, please don´t call 911, but it´s a symbol for finding inner piece, so as yo say, no discussion, I go to search, if there´s anything from Red available here in germany, thanks for the infos…buddie :sunglasses:


Sorry, to hear that :confused: The only way I can think of is illegal and I wouldn’t recommend it (All of my music is legit, people seem to be rather stumped by that for some reason). Maybe try spotify or a similar service if it’s available in Germany.


Or if you like you can send a reply to this email: (Spambots knock yourselves out, this is my decoy account and not my official email).

I can then send you the music through dropbox if it’s available in Germany (You’ll have to make an account-they’re free).

I would have sent you a message with my real email but I need a paid account :unamused: And I’m saving my redeem codes for when I’ve got a reason to use them.


thanks, I´ll send an email tomorrow, then you´ve one of mine too, and if we think its ok, we tell each other the REAL email adress! Very nice your offer, :dart:


That’s fine by me :smile:


Hey, did you send the email? I’m asking because a friend thought it would be funny if they deleted my inbox and then deleted the ‘deleted’ folder too. :unamused: Luckily it wasn’t my real account with anything important, but your email might have been in the deleted ones.


sorry, was in vacancy, but I can´t enter my account of whatever reason, but up to now I didnt sent anything :relaxed:


Ok, no problem :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to leave you hanging.


im what you could say a red fan the first song i heard was breathe into me and i found the song through a friends Myspace page back then so you could say thanks to him i like them i especially like fight inside thats one of my fave sings from them!


I love the intro to fight inside, FI was the first song I heard by them. I&I is a great album. Have you heard ‘Condor’? It’s an unfinished song, kinda like an LPU song but by Red. What’s interesting is that the guitar piece in Condor at 2:30 sounds a lot like the guitar piece at 2:30 in Froctagon (LPU 14).

What are u listening to this minute? just curious

No that one i must of slipped so thanx for the tipp;) Could be better the with Michael singing!


Yeah, they haven’t finished it, no idea why, probably thought people wouldn’t like it. Red need to start an LPU-like community. I’d love to hear some of their experiments and demos.


that would be awesome id totally sign up!


It’s a shame that they’re not big outside of the USA :confused:


yeah it was just by Chance that i heard them. My friend was from south carolina so he knew what bands were cool!:smile: