Are there many fans in 30s/40s?


It appears the LP have quite a young audience. Having just reached 40 I sometimes feel like my music tastes don’t match my age! (Not that I care)

Are there many LPU members in their 30s/40s here?


Celebrated the big 40 back in February…Never out grew them sort of speak.


Yup I’m in my 30’s :slight_smile:
Still bouncing in the front row at the gigs and blasting the tunes in my car with the kids rockin’ out in the back lol


33 here :slight_smile: I was in college when Hybrid Theory came out… been a fan ever since.


I’m 36 years old


42, and I probably go to more concerts than a 20yr old!


Hey, I’m 38 and until a few years I have never imagined that I could get a member of a bands fanclub.
Not to old for that shit :slight_smile:


Ooh I am! I always thought I was older than pretty much everyone here! And I look young, so I can get away with it… :slight_smile: But I’m old now that I can’t stand around for hours anymore, but I still can’t stop going to concerts!


I’ll be 32 in September.


34 & never too old for the front row!


Yep, turned 40 in March. Argh!!! And still love my concerts!


Just turned 44 last Wednesday.


Im 37 and will be bouncing in the pit as long as they are still preforming!! Hubby is gonna be 44 soon and hes bouncing right along side me!! There is nothing like a Live Linkin Park concert!! Cya tomm night in Camden, NJ and again on tues @ Jones Beach NY…gotta love LP baby!! Been a huge fan since Hybrid theory!! I’m always rockin out to LP! And will enjoy their music and concerts till the end!! :wink:


I’m 36


38 year and i will go to Hamburg and Bremen in November!!!
2 Concerts and that at my Age[lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


GASP…I’m in my 50s. I’ve raised my kids on LP and my oldest actually bought us tickets to the Carnivores tour as my bday gift. How cool is that?! I guess if your music tastes don’t match your age, then mine really don’t match either. LOL My kids think it’s awesome that I can rock out with them (they’re 23, 21, & 14).


I’m 31 years old


37 here :slight_smile:


almost 29 here and mother of 3 children! :slight_smile:

  1. Ill be hitting 32 in Oct! [eek]