Are you guys planning on rescheduling your concert at Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA?


I had been told that as soon as Chester recovered from his injury, you guys were planning on resuming the tour where it was cut off. So are you guys ever coming to my city that I live in?


They’d have to sell all new tickets, since ticketmaster refunded those shows. Reasonably Chester will be on his feet just in time for the STP tour, and then after that they have Rock in Rio and other festivals lined up. You’d be looking at August and September, or the soonest July after the gig in Wisconsin. Just saying, 'cause I’m going through LP withdrawal right about now and it’s no fun AT ALL.


I don’t think they will be rescheduling the tour a) all 3 bands have other plans, b) LP is booked till the end of the year and c) if it were to be rescheduled, you’d see it on, all officials announcements are there, not here.