Arggggghhhhhh My LPU12 is on backorder?!?!?!


WTF!!! I ordered my LPU12 pack in November and it has been on and off saying its preordered, possessing, back and forth on those. But now its on BACK ORDER??
Please tell me what the hell is going on…I live in Australia this is becoming abit of a joke…


I’m in Australia too. Mine says it has been fulfilled and shipped but I’m still waiting on it, though I ordered mine in December so I understand it takes a bit of time.
Although mine doesn’t keep changing its status I do feel your frustration!


I know it takes awhile, my last one was fine didnt have any trouble. I am just getting a little pissed that I had order in November and it is on back order I mean come on!!!


Hey Krystal, can you message me with your order number? I’d be happy to take a look to see what’s goin on!


Wade, I have sent that through to you [smile]