Art by Coon (fan-art and other)


Hello! I recently published a drawing “Break” in my blog: .
Red marker inspired me to create this dragon.

I decided I would publish my drawings in a separate topic, because I have so many pictures :blush:


That dragon looks epic!! Is it a Chinese or a Japanese one?


Thank you! it is the Chinese, but after shaving (without beard and mustache) :grin:


I decided to make a video process of drawing. I think it will be interesting. By the way, I have a tutorial of drawing scales.

Maybe to somebody will come in handy. Tried make it the most understandable. Fullsize- here


This is wonderful, keep it up!


Today I did 50% of the video. This gif - trailer :smiley:
I want to show a few my fan-art.This technique of inversion. The result - a small series of drawings :blush:
(material - mechanical pencil 0.3 mm)


Thank you!


Yippee! I made a a small video. I’m not a genius mounting and filming, but I tried to make a good video :sweat_smile:
Dotwork dragon Red


Loving this, great work!!!


Thank you very much :smiley:


Minute of humor …Woody changed mind about evolution:

Materials: Color gel pen, color ballpoint pen, liner 0,1 mm.
(for those who do not understand the meaning - shark decided not to evolve into a zebra because of the heat)


You sure be an artist, talented to the hair tips [so we say in Germany lol :joy:] hi @gatsie I answered to you and agree totally with your opp! Lol


Hands grow from the right place- not out of ass (so we say in Russia and Ukraine) Thanks for the compliment. I just have a lot of free time to be engaged studying the laws and techniques of drawing :relaxed:


I wanna cover my right arm with a very special artwork, I´m on this project now for mb two month, but not really busy with it but I will keeo searcing on, lol


Tattoo sleeve? it is always so hard - long art with a complicated composition. For many difficult think about the whole picture, not just parts of it. Okay, I came up with a couple of elements, placing them here and here … but what next?:smile: how to combine them nicely?
And why right arm? you are right-handed?


no, my right arm gets out of order by a car accident in 1974 as I was a child, so from that moment the muscles and all kind of using the arm/hand to any action is over till that day, but I`ve a lot aq scars, the arm is not as big as the other one nd running with a tee in summer is like everybody at first looks at my arm, so now I decide to put sth on it, to make it worth for me, and the ppl looking, I can take more easy, a kind like a skin cover sleeve…one in one, one design, mb even one session, cs even the sensibility is out of order…you get me? :yum:


ahhh! understand)) interesting idea. When I was having a scar on my leg, at first embarrassed him, because people are beginning to ask - how? where? why? I do not like when other people view me. I feel like an animal in a zoo. Unpleasant sensations :expressionless:


By the way. I almost finished the dragon, but now I had the idea to draw of some background. And yesterday, while waiting for the interview, draw a portrait (I upload a bit later)


Your dragon is very well done. I would consider asking you for permission to use it as my tattoo if it wasn’t a Chinese one.
You’re very talented, have you considered pursuing a carreer in art/graphic design?


oh, yes, this is the dragon you´ve let us have partin your painting action? It was very interessting, and I think I´ve even learned ab shadows a lil, the result is awefull!:heart: