As expected. . . Live Nation tweets tour cancellation


I don’t feel that the band would’ve felt right going on with this tour.


I’m not exactly sure how the band will go on at all to be honest. It’s like trying to bake a cake without a main ingredient.


I’m not sure either.
Most bands dissolve.
Other bands reform like Alice in Chains which, honestly, I’m not a fan of post-Layne. I felt that it was rather disrespectful to continue without him under that moniker. With Mike as a vocalist though. . . I don’t know. They have so much time to find out what feels right to them. And they know the fans will still be here.


The band was more than just Chester. I wouldn’t be surprised if after taking a while to grieve they’ll continue on. The band represents a lot. They have a lot ahead. Either or the music will never stop.


But Chester was what held the band together. I just can’t imagine the band without him.