Astat's LP guitar tabs/covers


I don’t post on the LPU much these days, but I was pleased to see the addition of a Cover Songs forum, so I figured I’d start my own thread.

I’ve been posting Linkin Park guitar covers on Youtube as astatslpvids since early 2007. I tab every song myself, and I strive to make them the most accurate Linkin Park guitar tabs on the Internet. I’ve always made the tabs my number one priority and my Youtube channel secondary, but I still post covers as often as I can. Being a married guy with a full-time job, I don’t post covers as often as I used to, but I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing so. I just upgraded my recording setup with a new laptop and a bunch of new software, and it’s got me itching to record again. I haven’t been getting as many views as I used to, so I figured I’d remind people that I still exist, or introduce myself to people who weren’t aware of me before. :slight_smile:

In addition to revivng my Youtube channel with a bunch of new covers, my current plans include tabbing the rest of The Hunting Party (ongoing - halfway done with the album), tabbing the updated live versions of songs on the 2014 tour, tabbing the remaining Stone Temple Pilots with Chester/Dead By Sunrise songs that I haven’t already done, and tabbing the Beta State/Ryan Giles songs from the most recent LPU CD. If you’re a Linkin Park fan looking for any kind of guitar-related information, I’m the guy to ask, and I’m happy to help.

Relevant links:

Youtube channel:
Guitar tabs directory:
The Guitars of Linkin Park (my website dedicated to both my tabs and a ton of information on the guitars used by members of Linkin Park):


I always have a look at your tabs to see if I missed anything! I also started learning guitar using the tabs you made! Thank you Astat! You are amazing!


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Started posting new videos again yesterday, and I plan to keep up with a regular upload schedule (new song every Friday, with multi-part videos spaced out roughly every 24 hours) for the forseeable future.

Upload schedule (song selection subject to change):
9/5-9/7: Until It’s Gone
9/12-9/13: Final Masquerade
9/19-9/20: Wastelands
9/26-9/28: Dead By Sunrise - End of the World (figured I’d do something a little different!)




Until It’s Gone and Final Masquerade videos are up now! Realized I got the two easiest songs from The Hunting Party done first…this is going to be interesting, haha.

Revised upload schedule:

9/19-9/20: Wastelands
9/26-9/28: Dead By Sunrise - End of the World
10/3-10/4: Rebellion
10/10-10/12: Guilty All the Same
10/17-10/18: Drawbar


awesome work astat! :slight_smile:


I’m back now, my LPU membership expired the first week of October and I was going through a rough few weeks financially, so I just got around to renewing it today.

I ended up being a week late with my Guilty All the Same videos (completely selfish reasons - just took the weekend off to do other stuff), and the following Friday happened to be Hybrid Theory’s birthday, so I did a “throwback” cover of Papercut. While I was mixing the audio for Papercut, my studio headphones (the ONLY pair of studio headphones I’ve had for 10+ years) crapped out on me. I’d been having problems with the left speaker cutting out intermittently for a while, but it finally went completely dead that weekend. I’m ordering a new pair of Audio Technica’s this weekend, but in the meantime, I’ve decided to do some videos showing off my gear. Part 1, which features my guitar collection, was uploaded last weekend. My future plans are as follows:

11/8 or 11/9 (depending on how long editing takes): My Gear Part 2 - Pedals/Amps
11/14 or 11/15 - My Gear Part 3 - Software/Misc.
11/21-11/22 - Keys to the Kingdom or Drawbar (haven’t decided which)

I’ll be on vacation from 11/26 through 12/8, but I plan to record some videos in advance to upload on the two weekends I’m gone. One will be Keys to the Kingdom or Drawbar (whichever one I don’t upload on the 21st/22nd), the other will HOPEFULLY be All For Nothing, but I still have a couple little things to figure out in that song. If that one isn’t ready to go, I’ll do a song from one of the previous albums, maybe Waiting For the End since I’ve never done it previously.


That is awesome :slight_smile: