Astrology, anyone? Need some peers


Hey guys n gals.

I couldn’t find this topic anywhere else on the forums, so if it’s in the wrong place, moderators, please let me know.

I am an astrology buff and I was wondering if I had any peers out there that would like to geek out on the subject. I would especially love any practicing buffs on the subject to chime in :upside_down_face:

In addition, I have a need to discuss a relationship issue with an astrology minded peer. Really struggling today, soul is really hurting over this issue, so any help would be much appreciated!

Love and light to all :star2::two_hearts:


I here for you


if you need to talk my is number is 234 360 4130 email is


Thank you. Are you into astrology?


yes I am into astrology


That’s awesome.

So, I’ll just post the situation here so anyone who can relate or understand is able to chime in.

I’m a Capricorn Rising, Libra Ascendant. Been in a “relationship” with a Scorpio guy for over 3yrs. I put the term relationship in quotes for 2 reasons:
one, our relationship does not fit in a box and we have built it slowly over this time…
two, because he does not want to call our “relationship” what it really is.

I completely understand his reasons, as they are valid, but I am getting very impatient because I am at the point where I really want and need a consistent commitment from him.

We have both been hurt by infidelity from previous relationships. We are both scared - him of commitment, and me of getting burned.

Everything thing you could possibly want in a relationship, we have. Our relationship was built on mutual respect as a friendship first, we bonded over our deep connection to music. But he is always “running” from me and retreats for a week or more at a time with zero communication. This only causes my insecurities to kick in and I have to force the negative thoughts out of my mind that he is finding some interest in another girl, even though I know the depth of everything we share. It’s a very painful and lonely cycle that I would really like to see a happy ending to.

Everything in the way he treats me when we are together says he feels deeply connected to me and loves me, which is what makes his periods of no communication so damn frustrating and confusing. He has said he loves me, feels safe with me, and that he just feels better when I am around. He is very protective of me as well as patient and considerate. I know that these behaviors are normal for a Scorpio guy, I have gotten to know all of his very well, and I have gone through plenty of periods of time with him where I have let him have his space, and I do my own thing without feeling so torn over it. He always comes back to me no matter how long it’s been, and it’s like no time has passed at all, we pick right up where we left off.

I guess I’m just looking for hope? Everything in the “Stars” indicates that I can be hopeful, but ultimately, I know I can’t keep on this cycle indefinitely and he needs to make a choice. I can’t force him because I can’t bear even the thought of losing him. He is so intertwined in my soul, my every being that when I am away from him too long, I just feel spiritually drained.

I’m chalking this up to the usual Capricorn inner turmoil and brooding, trying to remain hopeful.

But if anyone can lift me up, I’d sure appreciate it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.


all can say snice I never had anything like this happen to me is follow your heart and if you ever need to talk I will be s long as 100s more people willing to help you. and one thing that works for me when I’m do is listing to music and wrtiting music sorry I can’t be more helpful but I’m just 16 and I’ve never been trough this before. and what ever descion you make I hope it makes you happy


Thank you so much. You have plenty of time to experience all of the trappings of love, it’s true :slightly_smiling_face: But it’s always helpful to offer others happiness on their journey, so I do appreciate that!

Music and my voice have always been my therapy, so next available moment, I’ll just sing my heart out.


what is your favortive song


Oh gosh… too many. Lifelong music addict.

Anything that moves me, really. Vocalists that relay real soul in their voices, like Chester.


The one that comes to mind right now is “Break In” by Halestorm… I perform that one in an acoustic side project.


mine would have to
in the end
somewhere I belong
given up
new divde
castle of glass
guitly all the same
one more ligth


I can’t think of an LP song I don’t like :upside_down_face:


I got excited for a moment when I misread the title as ‘astronomy’ :stuck_out_tongue: ,oh well. I thought we had an astrology thread kicking around somewhere; might have been buried though, I’ll keep an eye out in case it surfaces.


I had to choose one from each album and belive it was hard to do that


Lol… I understand. I got excited when in college, I thought I was going to be studying Astrology, and it was Astronomy :rofl:


I have not one clue about astrology haha but if I’m being honest, possibly something else is holding him back, something external not related to you
Maybe as you said he doesn’t feel ready yet(don’t know age) but if t was me, I wouldn’t have moved if I wasn’t forced to by the gal haha
Communicating what you think is the most obvious solution yet the hardest but unless you play chess and check him, force his hand so to speak then communicating it to him is the only thing I see
I’m obviously generalizing but uhh no offense but gals can be very impatient with stuff as well haha and guys just get too comfortable if they aren’t goaded into action




thank you:grinning:


I’m horrendous in astronomy, but I find it interesting.