Atlanta M&G


my gf got an email saying she won a spot for m&g in Atlanta!!! anyone else hear from them saying they won?


Mine is guarantee, but I got the same email :D!


:frowning: No . I guess that means I didn’t get one :frowning:


hey kameiko, how do you get a guaranteed one?


Yes!!! I’m surprised you didn’t hear my squeal from 300 miles away!


my hunny got an email :frowning: not me…do they draw everyone the same day? if so, why does it say there is still 3 days left to enter? crappy part is he doesnt really like LP but we entered together hoping we could both have the experience together…ive been a fan since i was a teen. can you say heartbroken and disappointed?


I renewed before the $25 option was available. :slight_smile:


Yes! Got mine yesterday!

I’m 25, but that brought out my inner 15 year old. I jumped up and down and squealed like I was a kid again.