ATS | LP Arts


After my friend SD B E N N I N G T O N asked me if i have some Arts related to LP, i decided to share with you the one i made, actually made’m when ATS about to came out, so all of’m related to ATS, and i remember even some members in some forums, they tough they are the official Arts [biggrin] … anyway, so enjoy’m and hope you love’m.


those are awesome
especially the first 3 , those are my fav :smiley:


The 4th to last, the rainbow version of the ATS cover - that is a sick comp mate. Real good work, I like your style.


they’re all very nice :wink:


Hey guys, thanks for your comment, and your time to check those Arts which made’m long time ago, when ATS came out.
Well, my style is changing right now, each time discover something new in my self, and each time its growing up, i used to love grungy stuff, but now im more into clean simple arts ^_^.
Wish you all the best, and thanks for your comment.


i have my favorites!!!

number one, three and four! :3


They’re all very nice. I love it :slight_smile: You did a great job.


I’m just… Wordless. WOW.
I love them all! Can’t choose among them which is the best, but I particularly love the first and that one for Blackout. A M A Z I N G !!! [surprised]


very impressive


great pictures!!! 5!!! 7!!


Great Job man! These look great. I love 8, 10, and 11 :slight_smile: Keep it up


Great job! I love it all! Awesome!


you.are.incredible! wow!


I’ve seen these around on the web. Love these.
Very, very interesting use of graphic art. Love the Linkin Park Tree ones!


It’s incredible!!! I love it, especially the first three of them!


Well God gave you a gift. You’ve used it very well. These are amazing!


Thank you guys, and more to come in the upcoming days :slight_smile: .
Love and Peace.


Looks awesome! i like 1+2 best