Australia Tour?


Does anyone know when Linkin Park are coming to Australia next?? im dying to see them :scream:


Not sure… And we won’t find out until the band announces it on this site.

But there’s a bit of hope for an Asia/Australia tour later this year (since they haven’t done any this cycle yet). I’ve seen RUMORS about China on LPL…

But we can’t know for sure until it’s announced officially.


i really hope its this year ive never seen them live yet :frowning: @anvanoppens


I am sorry to say this, but a China tour sounds really way off. They might plan to have a South East Asia tour covering Japan and others. But then again, little do we know…
@Chelsey I hope they do a tour of your country, and one of mine too :stuck_out_tongue:


My fingers are crossed for all of us