Auto renewals for $40 membership


I purchased a membership etc for my brother last year for his birthday in September, it auto renewed this year they took the money out of my account and now it’s November and no shirt etc. I contacted and was told you get nothing for the renewal, so sent another email and was told oh we don’t see you purchased anything sent all information to them with receipt etc and I still haven’t received even an email. Had anyone else experienced anything like this?


Hello mate! Maybe @jFar920 or @derek could help you in some way… :slightly_smiling_face:


How much was the renewal? if it’s the $10 option that’s online only.

Who did you contact?


No it’s the $40 I contacted through the LP underground which it goes to full screen direct. Last year he received the membership, downloads, t shirt, and couple of other things. If that was the case we wouldn’t of auto renewed for him and just signed up for another membership this year to receive everything. $40 for only online access just doesn’t seem right to me


Yeah it doesn’t, send an email again to lpuhq@lpunderground and explain the situation.


Okay thank you