Avatar/Merged forums Issue


So, I’ve been trying to figure this thing out but I can’t seem to find how…
It appears as if I’m logged in from my LP.com and not LPU profile on the forums. Went to the preferences page on my profile but it doesn’t really let me do anything (i.e change my avatar).
Anyone dealing with anything similar? I’d love it if I could tell which forum is which and actually have my LPU part of the site visible and not LP.com’s.


These new forums are no longer ground(ctrl), so they aren’t completely sync’d up like before. They somewhat are connected but changing stuff on here doesn’t change stuff on the other site


Ok… so I take it we can’t make any changes? Damn, this is confusing lol. It’s gonna take me a while to get used to the merged sites.


You can change some stuff on http://forum.linkinpark.com/users/evooba/preferences but some things are locked out (like changing your username, which I want to do. having it triplexero and not TripleXero is annoying me)


Yeah already tried from there, but like the username, apparently we can’t change our avatars too. :confused: Anyways, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Everything should sync up if you change it on the LPU side, just make the changes and then log out and log in.


That is a negative Sam, for the username at least (have no need to change my picture). I changed my display name to “TripleXeroIsTestingStuff” and logged in and out of both and it’s still “triplexero”. Is it maybe taking the username from the URL on the main site (which is locked usually)?


can you try again, I just made it so SSO overrides username/name and email


Edit: Nevermind, I relogged out and it worked! Next for you: the forum is visible to everyone without logging in, which it wasn’t in the past on the ground(ctrl) forum, was that intentional?


I’m not sure, but when I logged in here ffor the first time, it pulled my Gravatar info. So maybe changing username and avatar at Gravatar.com might change it here too? Might be worth a try.


I just tried too and apparently it changed my avatar (yay) but still doesn’t let me change my username. That’s alright though, thanks for the info!


You need to change your username on your LPU profile, log out and log in and it will be updated here.


I tried what Adie said, didn’t work. Went to my profile like Sam said and even though my username is written differently there, I edited again, logged in and out and still nothing. lol


@evooba did you log out of the forums, or the main site?

Also @sam_saffron, since you’re in this thread already, I’ve got a few questions. I’m not sure how much control you have on the LPU aspect of stuff, or if it’s strictly just the Discourse stuff so some you might not be able to change

  1. Is it possible to add a menu similar to the main site’s so it’s easier to navigate back from the forum, or at least a Home button?
  2. I tried to embed a Tweet earlier with that onebox thing, but it didn’t work. YouTube, Wikipedia, and Soundcloud worked when trying, didn’t try others
  3. Me and @purnama_agustina can’t seem to get the Reader badge, we’ve scrolled through topics with 100+ posts, is there more you need to do for it?
  4. Why does LPU not have the awesome waffle badge? Kidding, but can LPU mods make their own badge with their own requirements on here, or is that a Discourse staff only thing?
  5. The links on here are a very close color to the normal text, is it possible to change that or add an underline?
  6. How are spam bots getting it without an LPU account? I don’t think scammers are paying $50 to post one thread on here :stuck_out_tongue:
  7. I saw there’s ability to have groups on here, too. Is making and joining groups a moderator only thing? I know years ago when the forum had a different platform, people had “clan” type things, that could be the new version of that here


@TripleXero The main site… I’ll try the forums again too.
And since you’re one it, where are our signatures? It’d be great if we got them back.
I’m wondering the same about the bots btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding making this site only available to logged on users, this is a call for the moderators/admins (I am Discourse staff, the authors of this software - have nothing really to do with policies here)

You can see a list of the management here: http://forum.linkinpark.com/about just @mention an active mod / admin to ask them questions :slight_smile: eg: @crumm @kavilp

Yes this is technically possible raise with @crumm etc.

The twitter API key needs to be added to support this. Twitter do not allow even readonly access to the API without entering this data.

It is only calculated daily, however it not only enough to scroll through a big topic, you need to spend some time on every post.

Can be controlled by @crumm and co

Not sure, @crumm?

Yes, its a moderator thing.

Yes admins here can add whatever badges :slight_smile:


Can you try logging in again?