Awesome kl concert & meet n greet!


Guys!!! Last night was AWESOME!!! We definitely has the time of our lifes!!! Anyone managed to take pictures during the meet n greet pls could email me… I was toooo stoked that I managed to get sooooo little huhuhu… Whatever it is, LINKIN PARK… Thank You Sooooooo much!!! God Bless!!! LPUHQ, thanks for the meet and greet… Ur amazing… God Bless u all!!


Nice to meet you and the rest of LPUers yesterday! Too bad our original plan didn’t work out i was all mike mike mike and didn’t manage to snap a lot of photos. Really awesome show last night. Have not been to a concert this high for ages. Thank you guys!![smile][biggrin]


No matter it’s 10 yrs ago or 10 yrs later, Linkin Park you all give me strength. It’s awesome the whole concert, everybody gave us the best performance ever had. Though lost the chance to M & G (saddest happening ever in my life T-T) but I managed to stand very near the stage, that’s good enough. After last night, get a great rest everybody, we’ll wait your new songs patiently, or game. Love you all.


Great to meet you guys too, Lorna and Victoria :slight_smile: And me neither, didn’t manage to take many photos coz the whole thing finished in a flash! Only managed blurry single individual pics of Chester, Dave and Joe. And because Mike actually took the time to shake everyone’s hand, managed to capture a couple more of him, haha! But other than that, zilch. Anyways, they put on a spectacular show, as always. I really had an awesome time singing, screaming and jumping along :stuck_out_tongue:


Meeting the guys was the cherry on top an awesome Sundae Ice cream for the post concert… But meeting u guys was the nice chocolate dip before the ice cream was put in the cup… Even by writing this tear do fall from my eyes coz you guys made it and we became friends … VIA LINKIN PARK!!! Now how AMAZING is that??? ;)… I wonder if Mike San had any pix… Coz he had a camera and had a good spot to view us… Hehe… Peace out people and God Bless!!!


Hey Lorna,
Check out this pic i manage to get of Chester and a ‘headless’ Phoenix [smile][biggrin]

Btw, can you share across the group pics you took of us before the concert?

Singapore Tour - who’s going?

Whrz da head dude???


lol [biggrin], Phoenix boped his head backwards right at the moment i snapped the photo.

here’s another pic of Mike tossing his guitar pic after ‘Bleed It Out’


That Concert was the best I’ve ever attended… I will never forget this experience and really hope for them to come again in their next tour. I enjoyed it so much that I din even managed to take much pictures or videos. Hope other soldiers managed to do so and to share with us here…


Hello, KL peeps! Add me if we’ve met…


Wished we met… Hehehe… Perhaps some other time ey…