B.O.T.S Group H


So after a tie break poll
By Myself and No More Sorrow moves onto the next round
Time for group H


  • In The End
  • Breaking The Habit
  • Valentines Day
  • The Catalyst
  • Roads Untravelled
  • Mark The Graves
    Some heavy hitters on this one

Good luck choosing mwahahahahahaha


Had a hard time again!


First group stages is slowly coming to an end
Vote for your fav to reach the next round


This is what makes B.O.T.S so great hahaha


This just gets tougher and tougher. Such great songs in this list!


Another easy one, thanks (no intended sarcasm).


I’m shocked the MTG & Valentines Day have votes before BTH and The Catalyst
This is what I love about B.O.T.S
The element of the underdogs

And wait and see what I have in store for a little twist


I think you mean ‘in store’


victory is mine >:3


Lol did i put install
I type faster then my brain can process sometimes lol
Yh in store


@intheend must not win otherwise she’ll make fun of us & call us bunny poppies again :frowning:

(Guess what I voted…) (Obviously the pic ain’t me)


hard stuff this time @acemasters , but my fav is (momentary) MTG, what can I do while changing my favorit inbetween the next days??? :flushed: I´m right, there are no twice voting allowed? :pray:


That was so damn hard - give us a break!!! :laughing: :joy: :innocent: :blush: :yum:


This one is close…


Haha I think my warning is working: nobody wants to get insulted by @intheend again, so we’re all voting against @intheend. :sunglasses:


Come on people
Get voting


@acemasters u really don’t understand what is going on? People are abstaining from voting as a protest against @intheend’s cruelty towards us.


Oh shit, BTH, VD, TC, RU and MTG are my favorite songs! It’s so hard


We have a four way tie…holy moly


You being meanie…
I still have a vote to sway things in a certain favour just so you know :wink: