B.O.T.S: HTL Final Table and Awards


So firstly did we enjoy the new version of B.O.T.S

  • Yes, Bring on Meteora League
  • No, I prefer the old way

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Here is the FINAL table

Any my awards for this league
Award for most matches unbeaten is With You 6 matches unbeaten
Most disappointing songs Forgotten and Runaway
(Didn’t expect them to do so badly)
Best comeback A Place For My Head
At some point I didn’t see it reaching top 4 and pipped With You to top 4
Worst Run A Cure For The Itch
No suprises there
And of course
Championship Award goes to In The End

B.O.T.S: Meteora League will start on monday
Until then happy sunday

Thank You to all that voted and made B.O.T.S: HTL possible


I can’t believe Papercut got so high. It’s not a bad song but it’s not great either.


Me when I saw OSC make it to the top4 even after some underdog voting:


I must admit
I’m pretty happy with the top 4


SIB, Faint and Don’t stay better make top 3 in the Meteora tournament. I bet Numb and BTH will beat them.


Really enjoyed voting for this. Can’t wait for the next League!


Don’t forget “From the Inside”. OK, here it is:


I wonder if Session will fair better then ACFTI :joy::joy::joy:


BotS: Meteora (Demo Poll, Difficulty Level: Over 9000)

  • Foreword
  • Session

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Copyright fragmentation lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Who said no…reveal yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoever voted ACFTI every time and lost :laughing:


More than that, I want to know who all voted for ACFTI and against what all song. I can imagine @evooba voting for that when it was placed against Crawling :laughing:

And finally, I thought this would be tough. 4/4 for Session shows it isn’t.

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Hey @amitrish [edit typo] a lil bit benath the topic lol lol haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting. Definitely didn’t expect ITE and Papercut to take the win.


Damn POA you have disappointed me !


thats great…love Papercut so much…thanks for share this


Exactly the same chart I imagined few days ago :open_mouth:


mb you can see the future, if i maybe poss…lol, but it was nice game, let´s go on on meteora…@radden lol :ok_hand:


Just kidding, it was predictable LOL maybe I can really see the future also with Meteora?