Badges and other things


So my membership lasts at least a year, I´ve checked a lot of entire rules and regulations but I´ve some more questions
0) What does the badges mean at least

  1. How to link a other groundcontrol account to mine?
  2. What´s the speciallity of a backstage meet & greet ticket
    3)How to get the member status regular or leader
    hope to get some information from all of you…love our community!!!


Badges are pretty much useless. They’re fun, but they have no function. You get them for doing various tasks on the forums. If you click the 3 lines in the corner it’ll show you the menu that will link you to the badge list.

What do you mean by linking? Like two LPU accounts or and LPU account and an account from another site. If it’s the first, I don’t think it’s possible, and if it’s the second, it should do it automatically if it’s the same email.

I haven’t bought any special tickets so I wouldn’t know the specifics, but I’d assume they include at least what they’re named after

I think we as normal users are always stuck at member. Regular and leader are mods and admins of the LPU


Thank you the thing with the link is like that: if I go to my account page than at the left side is written a list like friends, comments etc. In this list is a Topic called linked accounts, and that is what I don´t know what it means, sorry, don´t know if this writing is understandble, but hope so…BLACKOUT