Band's gift to LPU: Viscera


I want to thank the band for releasing an awesome remix of their Hunting Party ! This was a free download for the LPU. This is the best remix album I’ve ever heard- it’s like listening to a new album entirely. Other artists use the same song and just fill it with longer beats between lyrics. Linkin Park remixes song to make it sound like a brand new song.
Also it’s nice to have a band that truly appreciates their fans. I don’t know of any artist that goes the same lengths of demonstrating appreciation. Also THANK YOU Linkin Park for NOT having “loyalty” to Tidal!!! It’s annoying that so many artists are releasing something new there first before even fans have access.


Already mentioned here:

And LP is on Tidal (Because of Jay-Z):


Mh, I have to listen first tanx @samuel_the_leader for the link


I don’t know. It wasn’t bad, but I can’t say I was a huge fan. There were a lot of songs that were off beat for some reason


i like vicersa and the better is was freethat it was free :smiley: