Bands you've become a fan of through Linkin Park


Whether it’s a band they’ve toured with, or a band they’ve collaborated with, or even a band Mike’s recommended on his blog. Is there one that you’re now a fan of that you weren’t before you heard them?

Projekt Revolution’s a great way to experience different, newer bands. For me personally, I’ve become big fans of The Used (2004), and Atreyu and 10 Years (2008).

I never actually saw The Used in 2004 (I made it to the show after they played), but while doing some research one time I stumbled across their Berth DVD, and one of the chapters in the Berth section is titled PROJECT REVOLUTION. They talk mainly about how it was their first exposure to a major tour and how much fun they had. It also shows footage of Bert running onto LP’s stage and screaming with Chester on Faint. It also bears mentioning that Mark Fiore was a camera operator for the bonus concert footage included.

(If this counts) One other band (though they never toured the States together) is Silverstein. I had actually bought an LP shirt one time at some random music shop. On the way out they handed me a sampler with a couple Silverstein songs on it. I’ve been a fan ever since.


Good topic! Yes, lots of bands! From PR07: Julien-K, Madina Lake. From PR08: The Bravery, Ashes Divide (and that means A Perfect Circle). And for sure Pendulum! :)))


Yeah actually a lot of them!

Taking Back Sunday
Funeral For A Friend (they opened for LP in 2009 in the concert I went to)
Sleigh Bells

and my 2nd favorite band (also great friends to me) the Get Busy Committee


For PR 07, they had MCR and TBS…I knew of Taking Back Sunday from my hubby who played out their album “Louder Now” all the time and My Chemical Romance from some videos that I had seen. When I found out that they’d be part of Projekt Revolution I was like “damn I have to sit through those bands” [sad] which I had not liked. So the day comes for PR 2007 at Jones Beach. TBS was pretty awesome live, knew some of the songs (cuz of my hubby). Then MCR comes on and I was blown away! Gerard was entertaining the audience, cursing up a storm, he had me laughing, best part was while they were performing, they sounded almost exactly the same, That changed my perception of both TBS and MCR


I liked bands like Placebo, Muse, Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, A Perfect Circle before I recognized, that LP also does. But it makes me smile, that we have a kind of similar likings [biggrin]

But LP draw my interest to the Deftones, Ashes Divede and Adele for example. I’am listening to LP Radio and it’s exciting to find out, what bands that guys like and just check them out.


It happenned 2 weeks ago. I heard that on a web site and I totally felt in love with their music! They’re called “Hands Like Houses”, they just released their first album and it’s… well it’s been a while since I’ve heard something that good!


It’s not complicated. Linkin Park MADE ME DISCOVER modern music.
All the groups I am a fan of are because of Linkin Park (through blogs or LPRadio).
It’s just amazing how LP can influence my music taste haha.

Pendulum, The Prodigy, Miike Snow, Awolnation, Caribou, Crystal Castles, Foster The People, Get Busy Committee, Styles of Beyond, Das Racist, LCD Soundsystem, M83, Metric, N.W.A., Peter, Bjorn & John, Phoenix, Röyksopp, Black Keys, Two Door Cinema Club, White Lies, Yeasayer, Depeche Mode, Jay-Z, and plenty more…


Pretty much just Dead By Sunrise, Chester’s side project.


i became a fan of Madina Lake after i saw an LP-TV with them in it ^-^




I discovered Skylar Grey after i started listening to Linkin Park. A great artist! And i didn’t know about Adele before Linkin Park’s cover. I also listen to Middle Class Rut. The warm up band for Linkin Park in Stockholm 2011. Middle Class Rut is now one of my favorite band’s :smiley:


Once I was downloading (Oh noez, bad me!) some songs and for some reason I found a collaboration between Linkin Park and Depeche Mode. I didn’t care much about the last one, but the music sounded good. It turned out to be a remix that Mike made and because he liked this music I tried it too: it went like bing, bang, booyashaka and I went to see them in 2009. :wink: Same thing with Tschaikovsky, Bauhaus and Stone Temple Pilots: the guys love them, so why wouldn’t I try it? I still hcannot stand Forgeiner though, no matter how much Chester likes them. And whatever goes with them on tour is either not up to much or already on my Ipod, excluding Deftones: never seen them, but after years of faked fear (Eveil Chemist), I tried it and I just love them now. :slight_smile:


Atreyu - Literally loved every album they made, damn there hiatus :frowning:

Other than that Fort Minor, I like the tracks on The Rising Tied more than the bulk of Linkin Parks, but I suppose thats more with the fact my music taste has changed somewhat in the last few years.


KoRn , Deftones, Muse (Mike liked The Resistance on iTunes), Metallica,


Madina Lake, Julien-K and probably more but those are the first 2 i thought of :stuck_out_tongue:


no other bands


Dead by Sunrise & Julien-K


Everything I like today?

No really, because LP was the first band I’ve listen to, that I choose to listen to, and opened my eyes to everything else I’m into today like Metallica, Slipknot, Korn and etc.

I have a lot to thank them, not only by being the awesome band they’re.


Incubus mostly but ive gotten into artists like the Crystal Method through Mike Shinoda. I guess that kinda counts as “through the band” right?


From the Aus tour many moons ago, Mudvayne and Deftones