Banned from LPU - how does that work?



I just wonder how the ban from LPUnderground works! A friend a mine has been banned from it until the year 2263. Does that mean it is a life ban??? Or can my friend join LPU again, in the near future. I will not be joining LPU, before I know the outcome of this matter. The reason being, I am the one who also pays for his membership.

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@michelle2570 I don’t want to sound wrong or anything or be in any one business but how did it happen how did the person get ban he do anything to get him banned on this website.


For defending himself in the forum.


LOL, are we talking about Chris? Clearly he hasn’t been banned for life, he can come back in ~246 years (basic arithmetic). Jokes aside, all he did was make threads to complain so it sorta serves him right.


I don’t want to say anything bad about Chris… but I’ve seen his comments on YT, so I think that Lorenzo or somebody else off administration simply lost his patience about him ( i would in about 5 mins)


@michelle2570, it is a bit ridiciolous that YOU set a thread inhere, telling not the truth! Chris wasn ´t banned because he was defending himself… this was a lil bit diffrent, you can find all posts still in the threads… !

@Derek - fangirl? I guess we do not need such a topic inhere!


While it’s already been said, he did not just “defend himself”. He made constant complaints while also attacking or talking down to anyone who disagreed or tried to explain things. I don’t know for sure if he is 100% banned forever, or what exactly got him banned, but I don’t think anyone here will be able to tell you that. I would email LPU support, but if he holds a grudge from getting banned and acts how he did before, I don’t see it lasting long if he is unbanned


If he lives to see the year 2263, and the LPU is still around by that year, then it’s technically not considered a “lifetime” ban.


Lool :joy: @LP13413 yoga buddy is thinking smart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Oh really, lol


I know what your guys are talking about who is that. Can some one please explain


If you want to know why he was banned, look no further:

Exactly 50% locked threads, hmm I wonder why (sarcasm).


Mike is a clone :stuck_out_tongue: i think he could meet him around 2263 again :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be there to meet him. I’m an unkillable, time traveling machine; you on the other hand, you won’t make it.


So am i suppose to look in to this or something.


Please refrain from making such topics. If you have any questions regarding a ban, please contact LPU HQ.


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