Batlle of the Songs: Meteora League Fixture 4


Firstly wow I can’t believe how much of a turnout this league is getting since fixture 1 thank you to all that have made this possible and thank you to all that have voted and for the support

Again I urge people to please vote on all the matches please to make it more even and fair

With that being said here is fixture 4

Fixture 4

  • Hit The Floor
  • Numb

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  • Figure.09
  • Faint

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  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Lying From You

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  • Session
  • Easier To Run

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  • Nobody’s Listening
  • Breaking The Habit

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  • Don’t Stay
  • From The Inside

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Fixture 3 Results

Table so far


I do it, yes. It wasn’t hard for me.


Choosing between SIB and LFY was tough.


wow that was just hard… too hard


hi dude, blogmost is setted, what a nice development, @acemasters, didn´t made my voting, tom at breakfast time [min 2 hrs at weekends for me] I make my descisions, lol, heardtbleeding

lol :relaxed:


mmm for me, it was hard choose between HTF&Numb and Figure.09&Faint hehehe


Loving the love on this

Again thank you all for voting it makes doing this worth while


hi @acemasters, what´s up this sunday? Writing sm lyrics or just surving? enjoy every free minute on weekends, free time is so vailable…:relaxed:


Please note that
That Nobody’s Listening v Don’t Stay results is wrong
The correct result is

NL 9 - 19 DS


That was super easy. The only kind of hard one was Don’t Stay vs From The Inside.


Poll to close in 20hrs


Haha! I had the same difficulty!


Just like this.

Top 10 lp songs?

Not long left 13hrs left