Battle of the Bands 2: Final Result and Awards and plans for the next B.O.T


So here it goes
In 4th place: Three Doors Down
Bronze: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Silver: Evanescence
and the Champion of Battle of the Bands 2 is…Queen

Time for some awards:
So the obvious one is
The Champion Award: Queen
The biggest loser: Shinedown (only recieved 1 vote)
The biggest shock: Frog Leap Studios for reaching the Quarter Finals
Most disappointed: Iron Maiden, I personally thought it would wipe My Chemical Romance to the floor and was disappointed to not see Iron Maiden go further
Must likely to fail: The 1975, although it passed through round 1, I don’t think many knee who the artist was to be honest and expected it to fall early
Must likely to win: Nirvana, now this is me being biased, but I thought they would of made it alot further then they actually did

So now the next phase in B.O.T
So I have done: B.O.T.S (Battle of the Songs),
B.O.T.A: (Battle of the Albums)
B.O.T.M.V (Battle of the Music Video)
B.O.T.B (Battle of the Bands)
Next is the return of B.O.T.S, but for NON Linkin Park songs…
What do you think?
What is your views?

It’s Ready


it’s ready



Maybe we can try a BOT Films to change it up a bit?


Ohhhhhh I like it @the_termin8r


Songs by people other than Linkin Park sounds cool, maybe do some classic rock jems and other really well known hits from the history of rock up until now. See what the best rock hit song ever is? That would probably take a while, but it sounds fun.


Another option I came up with is BOT video games, but there are a couple of problems with that, such as people’s ages and the games they are familiar with (for instance I’m only familiar with mid-late psp and ps3 era games) and also that some of us might not have played.


I like both songs and films ideas :slight_smile:


You know I like how I’m never mention on here -.-

Butthat’snotwhatI’mcommentingabout! Hey! Heyyy -.- what’s wrong with Shinedown?



yeah I thought videogames but posed the same questions


Good idea. Maybe BOTS of each genre like Thriller, Anime, Love and so on and than Champion of the Champions?


I think B.O.T.F is the way forward…watch this space