Battle of the Bands 2: Quarter Finals


Getting to the nitty-gritty as 16 becomes 8 in the quarter-finals
Which band will make it to the Semi-Finals and who will lose it here at the QF
Let’s find out

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  • Frog Leap Studios
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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  • Audioslave
  • Queen

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  • Evanescense
  • Disturbed

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  • Slipknot
  • Three Days Grace

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It’s Ready


it’s ready

@zach994 (thanks for voting on every match)
@pickles5 (you failed to vote on every match on the last match therefore your votes was void)


Evanescence vs Disturbed is a hard one and maybe chopping and changing as they both have a fair few songs that I like from each


I suspect this is where FLS gets beaten :confused:


the first easy round for me


I like FLS
had to youtube them but was blown away with their covers
and only like the early stuff by the chillis so once again another i could end up chopping and changing

And gotta admit final 8 is pretty good for an artist that not many people would of heard of


It’s actually only one bloke. He sometimes collaborates with other YTers but it’s usually him alone.


that makes it more impressive




This round looks over lol