Battle of the Bands 2: Round 1 Part 2


Guess what’s back after a small absence that is right B.O.T series continues with B.O.T.B 2
Now due to the amount of Bands (32) I havs broken Round 1 (possibly round 2) into 2 parts

Please be sure to vote on every match on both parts or your votes will not count…I will be watching mwahahahahahahaha

Here it is
Round 1: Part 2

  • The Noise Figures
  • Frog Leap Studios

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  • Saint Asonia
  • The 1975

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  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Bring Me The Horizon

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  • Fall Out Boy
  • Nirvana

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  • Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Pink

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  • Keane
  • Audioslave

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  • Yellowcard
  • Queen

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  • Within Temptation
  • Red

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It’s Ready


For vote 2 I wasn’t familiar with either band so I went for the one with the least votes.


@the_termin8r i did eeny-meeny-miny-mo lmao


I was thinking of doing H&T but was too lazy to get out of bed and walk 1.5m to my desk to get a coin :joy:


I wonder @acemasters If it was OK to guess on few band because I was not quite familiar with some of it.


Read the replies above.


The 2 bands I chose, Red Hot and FOB, are up against 2 others I absolutely love. This is hell :cry::joy:


The Joys of B.O.T @yomarques :joy::joy::joy:


Indeed :joy:


I’m rooting for Leo to win overall.


@evkorngdlpid you missed out matches here as well
@lpsoldierjasper vote here as well


@evkorngdlpid this is a final call you have 3 and half hrs to vote on the other matches or your votes will not count on BOTH parts