Battle of the Bands 2: Round 1 Part1


Guess what’s back after a small absence that is right B.O.T series continues with B.O.T.B 2
Now due to the amount of Bands (32) I havs broken Round 1 (possibly round 2) into 2 parts

Please be sure to vote on every match on both parts or your votes will not count…I will be watching mwahahahahahahaha

Here it is
Round 1: Part 1

  • Evanesence
  • Shinedown

0 voters

  • My Chemical Romance
  • Iron Maiden

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  • Foo Fighters
  • Disturbed

0 voters

  • Pierce The Veil
  • Muse

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  • Three Days Grace
  • Coldplay

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  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Rise Against

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  • Skillet
  • Slipknot

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  • Led Zeppelin
  • 3 Doors Down

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It’s Ready


Foo Fighters vs Disturbed was ths hard one for me
I like them equally


OMG @acemasters there’s so much bands that I love on here. Yes!

Love these so much @acemasters


I feel you bro.


I only vote Evanescence and Disturbed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Slipknot and Skillet are hard to choose between lol. Had o choose Slipknot though.


@lpsoldierjasper if you don’t vote on the other matches your votes will not count


Ok I’ll try to analyze them…


@evkorngdlpid you missed out a match

Muse vs Pierce The Veil


@lpsoldierjasper don’t forget to vote in Round 1 Part 2 also


I vote PTV…

Yes sir :grin:


@evkorngdlpid this is a final call you have 3 and half hrs before polls close

if you haven’t voted on every match by then none of your votes will count on BOTH parts