Battle of the Bands Final Result & Battle of the Bands 2 Nominations


So here is the results of B.O.T.B
3rd Place: Three Days Grace
2nd Place: Evanescence
1st Place: System of a Down

Now for Nominations for the next B.O.T.B

Now due to and oversight I am increasing the amount of bands in the tourney to 32 Bands

So I want everyone to come up with 2 Bands they want to nominated and it don’t matter if they have been nominated in the last B.O.T.B

Once I have 32 bands I will close enteries

Please pay attention to other peoples nominations as duplicated bands will be ignored

It may be more prudent to Nominate bands/artist that are more well know to give them more of a chance but ultimently the choice is yours

No Linkin Park or Linkin Park related bands (i.e: Fort Minor/Dead By Sunrise etc…)

I will begin with my two…

It’s Ready


Read above post



The Noise Figures


Within Temptation

Bring me the Horizon


Thousand foot crutch



Red ( yes, again)

Frog Leap Studios (Leo’s covers are awesome).


The 1975
Saint Asonia
Guarantee neither of these will win


Well I did suggest doing more well known bands


Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fall Out Boy




Foo Fighters
Five Finger Death Punch


That’s not really my thing though… I don’t know, I listen to lots of music and most of my favorites aren’t the most well known in this community.




Pierce the Veil
My Chemical Romance


Rise Against



We have 24 bands just need another 8 bands


is it okay if we suggest more than 2 bands


12 people can’t suggest even 1 more band without it being unfair.


Well the worse case scenario is…no clue maybe I come up with 8 more bands don’t know


Or we could use bands from the previous tournament that haven’t been nominated here.