Battle of the Bands Fixture 1


So here it is
The next part of the Battle of the…Series
Battle of the Songs Tourney
Here are the rules:

You must vote on EVERY match or your votes won’t count
You CANNOT vote for the band you nominated UNLESS/UNTIL it reaches the final 4, this means while voting on every match you must vote for the opposing band
Draws will be decided by discounting my vote
So if two bands have 13 votes each my vote will not count for that match
These rules are final

  • Kyng
  • Red

0 voters

  • Korn
  • Three Days Grace

0 voters

  • Hollywood Undead
  • Thousand Foot Krutch

0 voters

  • Paramore
  • Rise Against

0 voters

  • System Of A Down
  • Iron Maiden

0 voters

  • Disturbed
  • Five Finger Death Punch

0 voters

  • Evanesence
  • Life On Planet Nine

0 voters

  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • A Day To Remember

0 voters

  • Green Day
  • Slip Knot

0 voters

It’s Ready


Let’s Do This




you must vote on the first match also or your votes will not count


Ace… can I give you a hint? :stuck_out_tongue: Slipknot is written in one word


oh, ok :slight_smile:


Honestly, This is kind of stupid.


great job, but two matches broke my heart :cry: 3 and 4 were battles! :stuck_out_tongue: I gonna post the league later, ok with you Boss? :smiley:

lol never expected rule, me anarcho does it anyways :joy:


@amitrish yeh after posting it kinda feel that way too next round i’ll change it


@NickGr yeh i released after posting it and voting lol


Had to go back and change my vote for Green Day just because I nominated them


@Im_Normal i think the majority have broken that rule haha

I think it was unfair to ask that

Vote for your band :slight_smile:


Vote 3 killed me. I voted HU on the basis that I like all of their albums unlike TFK where I like a few.

Also @theearlywalker didn’t you nominate TFK? You can’t vote for them.


@the_termin8r ty buddy


This is a really fun bracket


I predict that LOP9 will come stone dead last mainly because nobody’s heard of them.


So once we vote what else do we do now, just wait.


@coolcat96 yes just wait for the next round which is happening tomorrow

or you could help spread the word get others involved in this game


I didn’t expect Green Day to do so well against Slipknot


The only battle is Korn vs TDG


It hurts… I changed my vote AGAINST TFK :scream: