Battle of the Bands: Fixture 2


Well the first fixture was a huge hit recieving at least 21 total votes on each match

Hope round 2 goes just as well

I have made a change to the rules:
You CAN vote for the band you nominated
You MUST vote on every match or your vote will not count

Before I begin round 2
According to my league/tourney app Green Day has been given a pass to the Quarter Finals, this is beyond my control
I’ll post up screen shot for you to see

Here is round 2

  • Red
  • Three Days Grace

0 voters

  • Hollywood Undead
  • Rise Against

0 voters

  • System Of A Down
  • Disturbed

0 voters

  • Evanescence
  • Bring Me The Horizon

0 voters

Round 1 Results

Round Two fixture picture

It’s Ready


Let’s Do This



@acemasters you have made my day :blush: reason is because I can choose my song that it.


Wait, what kind of glitch is that?


@samuel_the_leader it happened in the last B.O.T.S as well

According to my calculations a Band will be given a pass to the Semi-Finals
And possibly to the Finals too

I should of added more bands but hey-ho not much I can do about it


It was my suggestion to have BOTS: Bands, and now my nominee (Slipknot!) could not slip into the QFs. Damn, I hate this game.

Also, I agree with @samuel_the_leader. What kind of free pass is that?


So after everyone vote what happens next.


It is beyond my control

I will do a 2nd Battle of the Bands with more bands and calculate how many I need to make sure NO-ONE gets the free pass


I like the fact that no-one complained during B.O.T.S:B.O.T.M.V when LOATR got a pass to the QF…just thought i’d point that out


Lol @acemasters that’s cold. But can’t want though😄


@acemasters, but I didn’t even vote in the BOTMV. (Neither did @theearlywalker)


I know it seems unfair, however the wheels are already in motion, which is why I am planning a new Battle of the Bands after this with more bands so this kinda thing don’t happen again

It was an oversight that i didn’t catch until after the first round was already done and i started on round 2

These little blimps is how I learn and improve the Battle of the…brand, to make it better

Please try and enjoy the route that this particular route is taking and it will be better next time around


How the ones giving in kinda no food always moan the most! May the best band win! Thanx for giving us the leagues! :stuck_out_tongue: @acemasters