Battle of the Bands: Quarter-Finals


Round 2 is over

And now here it is the Quarter-Finals
So you know the rules…
You must vote on every match or your votes will not count
Now I know some of you may complain about this but once again a song has advanced straight to the Semi-Finals

I have a screen shot to show this and the result from the last match

I WILL be doing another B.O.T.B but with more bands to stop this from happening again

without further ado here it is!!!

  • Green Day
  • Three Days Grace

0 voters

  • Rise Against
  • System Of A Down

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It’s Ready


Let’s Do This



Wasn’t this a tournament or is the second wave going to be one?


I thought we had to vote for more songs but that don’t matter.


@the_termin8r this is a tournament

but it didnt panout the way i had hope


Oh, I though it wasn’t because you didn’t have the points leaderboard.


Points leaderboard is a league :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I got confused between the 2. I thought it was a league then.


Imagine how hard it is for me to alternate between tournament and league lol


Well S.O.A.D is through lol