Battle of the Films: Action Films League Nomination and Rules


So afte a great suggestion I decided to go for B.O.T.F and the leagues are making a come back

So what I need is nominations from everyone


  1. Nominate 1 Action Film (Action/Comdey is acceptable)
  2. Don’t nominate a franchise, Example don’t say The Fast and the Furious films. You must pick one film out of all of them. (E.G Fast and Furious 6)
  3. To make it easier for me to find your nomination make sure you tag me in your nomination
  4. Duplicated films will be ignored and this time I WON’T be telling people there is a duplicate so it is up to you to see what has already been nominated
  5. Depending on nominations I WON’T be able to put all of the films in the league

It’s Ready


it’s ready



Indiana Jones: Last Crusade @acemasters


Hateful Eight @acemasters


Does Deadpool fit this category?? @acemasters


Well Deadpool could but I am going to do a
B.O.T.F: Comic Book Films
Do consider another action film or I could enter it but will be excluded from the Comic Book Film league


Oh, sounds good to me!

I’m gonna go with Kingsman then, if it can fit this category. @acemasters


Witness me!!!


V for Vendetta


@yomarques yeah that fits in action I believe

@amitrish and @AJ_7 you forgot to tag me in your post

please tag me so its easier for me to find

just to say that i’m hoping for about 12-16 films so we might nominate another but not yet

and i am yet to reveal my film (thats because I haven’t decided which one)


Captain America: Civil War



  1. you forgot to tag me
  2. i am planning a B.O.T.F: Comic Book Film league at some point so you have 2 choices
    either a) Captain America: Civil War stays and CANNOT be nominated for the Comic Book Film League which would be ashame
    or b) You choose something else and CA:CW gets to fight another day!


Is that Mad Max: Fury Road… and is that your nomination @amitrish


I will tag you on behalf of @AJ_7 as well, because V for Vendetta is a good choice! And yes, that is Mad Max: Fury Road @acemasters
Just let me know when can I name my second option :smiley:


There’s too many good films.


I’ll change films, just give me some time to think of one @acemasters


Unleashed .


Harry potter and the goblet of fire @acemasters


“Harry Potter: The one where everyone needs a haircut” :joy:



King Kong (2005)