Battle of the Films: Action League Final results/table and Sci-Fi Nomination


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Here is the final result

And the final table

Now for the awards
Unbeaten Award: HP: GoF (7 wins in a row)
Biggest Loser: Hateful 8 (9 loses in a row)
Biggest Shock: MM: FR not getting top 4
Championship: HP: GoF

I said that things was going to change for the next B.O.T
So firstly, this came to my attention during the action league with King Kong
There are so many it wasn’t specify on which one and guessing people assumed it was based on the latest one out
So, if you choose a film that has multiple releases or remakes etc please say which one you are nominating
Example: If this was for horror and you nominated Nightmare On Elm Street you would need to put Original or Remake

The nominations for this one is Sci-Fi
Remember you are nominating a film and not a series, so if you was going to Nominate Star Wars please say which one you are nominating

Also please tag me using @acemasters when nominating

Last and not least, and this is important
It has come to my attention that some voters do not follow the rules
And I am sick of chasing people to vote on all the matches
This rule is absolute, and I will put the reminder as always to vote on every match. HOWEVER if any fails NOT to vote on every match I WILL NOT be reminding anyone anymore which means you will lose out on your votes so be sure to vote on every match from now on

My nomination is: Spaceballs

Battle of the films Horror league Final result and awards and Animation nomination

It’s Ready




No doubt: Interstellar. @acemasters


@acemasters my nomination is Terminator 2 Judgemnt day…obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


@the_termin8r your nomination is mostly going to get my vote all the time

It is one of my all time favourite films and my most favourite sequal of all time

I just said Spaceballs as a joke and do like the film but T-2 is T-2 lol


I was debating between it and Aliens (probably the best of all the Alien films).

Spaceballs is awesome, love that film.


Oh, there are many options: Moon, SW:V, Donnie Darko, Inception, District9, and many comparatively lesser known movies like Coherence, Triangle, Timecrimes.

But here is my suggestion for this league @acemasters


That’s why I asked if there was gonna be a thriller league, I was planning on nominating it, such a good film with an awesome ost.


Ah all good things come to those who wait haha


I nominate Arrival (2016)


I’m yet to watch that.


When I started watching the movie it was only because of Sam Rockwell and honestly thought I would end up watching a poorly made movie, but I was hooked from the very first scene. One of those sleeper hits in my books. Anyways, is no one nominating Blade Runner?

Arrival is a good movie, but don’t think it will last longer in this league.


I watched it yesterday. It’s not your typical action-packed alien invasion movie, which is great! The movie does require some thinking for yourself, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless


@acemasters I nominate Resident Evil: Retribution


Only got 6 films here people

If i don’t see more i will allow a second nomination


@acemasters Men in Black, the first one


@acemasters The Chronicles of Riddick



Come up with another nomination i got an idea hehe


@acemasters Aliens (note the s, I mean the sequel).