Battle of the Films Action League: Fixture 1


Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Speed
  • Real Steel

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NOTE: The Harry Potter film is supposed to be Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Harry Potter: Order of the Pheonix

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NOTE: The Harry Potter film is wrong and should be Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire

  • V for Vendetta
  • Hateful 8

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  • King Kong
  • The Kingsmen

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  • Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
  • Unleashed

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It’s Ready


it’s ready



Wasn’t the Harry Potter meant to be Goblet of fire?


Frick…damn it…damn you @the_termin8r lol
@annejprado sorry i used the wrong harry potter film please dont be mad…and its too far in to change now :frowning:


Just change it in the next vote if it makes it through.


its a league
I can change it for the next fixture


i have an idea

The Harry Potter film is wrong and should be
Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire vs Mad Max: Fury Road
If this make any difference to your choice please alert me or change your vote on the match if it don’t make a difference then ignore this post


Max would kick Harry’s back real hard in real life, but sadly, it is losing in here 55%-45%. Damn it!


I haven’t seen MM so I had no choice.


I havent seen the new mad max yet :frowning:


That’s sad. You must see it. Also, Harry Potter is marked under “Adventure, Family, Fantasy” in IMDB. Mad Max should get a walkover.

vroom vroom


Yeh @amitrish i didnt really know where it fell in terms of category so it slide in this…but now you said that makes sense
but since it is already here i kinda need to let it stay
especially since dropping it would give me uneven amount of films


but… but… then Mad Max will be out of the competition. And that would be unfair. I mean come on… look at this scene…

The War-Rig would run over the Goblet, come back to crush it again, and then re-run over it until Harry and the bunch of other school kids run themselves into the 9.5 station and get their heads smashed and die on the verge of the passing train where none comes to help them because the future belongs to the mad!!!


Mad Max isn’t out @amitrish
It’s a league which means Mad Max still needs to face off against the other 8 films…


It’s ok @acemasters as long as there’s a Harry potter film :blush:


Unleashed isn’t doing very well
Some would say it didn’t unleash a can of whoop-ass


Lol. I haven’t even heard of the film. Besides, nothing on this list can beat Jones :slight_smile:


Is Unleashed, Monsters Unleashed?


IDK what that is either. Looking it up it appears to be some comic book thing.


@samuel_the_leader @the_termin8r
It’s a action film starring Jet Li and Bob Hobkins and Morgan Freeman

Hobkins has this leash around Jet Li and whenever removes it and says kill Jet Li does it but there is a Car Crash and Jet Li is kinda adopted by Freeman and Jet Li learns the true meaning of family and to protect it all cost when Hobkins comes for him