Battle of the Films Animation Final Results, Table, Awards and Superhero Movie Nomination


So its over and what a ride it was especially towards the end as the fight for Top 4 went down to the final fixture for which I have

And here is the final table

Now for some awards
The Unbeaten Award: The Lion King (11 wins in a row)
The Biggest Loser: Advent Children (10 Loses 1 Draw)
The Championship Award: The Lion King
Biggest Shock: Big Hero 6 I actually thought it would of done better

Right next in line is Comic Super Hero Movies
Any Movie based on a or collection of Comic Book Heroes

Ok Rules

If you nominate a film that has been rebooted please state which 1 you are nominating by adding the year or by adding the whole movie name
Example: Spider-Man 2002 (no not my nomination) or The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 (again not my nomination)

Any Movie that has already featured in a previous league CANNOT be nominated again
Example: Big Hero 6

And Animated Super Hero Movies are NOT allowed, So no-no on the Lego Batman Movie only live action

Any duplicated nominations WILL be ignored


My Nomination: Captain America: Civil War

It’s Ready


It’s ready



It’s ready



Iron man (2008) @acemasters

The last good film to come out of marvel.


Wonderwoman (2017) @acemasters


@acemasters my nomination:

The Dark Knight Rises 2012.


My nomination: Avengers Age of Ultron @acemasters


My first nomination! :blush:
Thor - 2011 @acemasters

(done right?)


I nominate Watchmen @acemasters
Sry, forgot the tag :see_no_evil:


Deadpool :sunglasses: @acemasters


Dr Strange (2016)


X-men days of future past :relaxed: @acemasters




Oh sheet
Sorry @acemasters! Missed it




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I nominate Batman Begins


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