Battle of the Films Animation League: Fixture 4


The top 4 continue their winning streak by winning all 3 of their matches
Does anyone have the chance to come close?

Lets find out in fixture 4

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Toy Story 1
  • Finding Nemo

0 voters

  • WALL-E
  • 9

0 voters

  • How To Train Your Dragon 1
  • Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

0 voters

  • Kung Fu Panda 2
  • Hotek Transylvania 1

0 voters

  • The Lion King
  • Spirited Away

0 voters

  • Big Hero 6
  • Shrek 3

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Fixture 3 results

Table so far

It’s Ready

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It’s ready



It’s done. Roy Story Vs Finding Nemo was hard.


I want to be informed @acemasters :slight_smile: votes done!


Ugh, the third choices :joy:


You lot need to go watch or rewatch Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children because you lot got no taste :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


On a serious note this league could be over very quickly with the top 4 storming ahead


You put anything with How to train your Dragon and I will vote HTTYD




I think you forgot something…




Hey, you guys… I love you all. Please never forget that. We’ll always be a family.


Is there any chance I can get your email addresses?!?


My decoy is drop me an email there and then tell me on here because I don’t check that account @acemasters . And then I’ll send you my normal email. I know it’s a faff but I don’t want to post my personal email here.


All of us or you were asking only @the_termin8r ?? :confused:

If mee too then pls help out…how to send a personal message…to @acemasters


PMs don’t exist here hence my convoluted method. If you want I can send @acemasters your emails if you send them to my decoy.


You are sò good thanks for the favour dude!:slight_smile:
I will be sending it in 10-15 mins


I have no shame giving my secondary account to you lot

Send me an email!!!

And anyone else that wants to keep in touch


Ok thanks @the_termin8r for asking. @acemasters i will send ya soon.


Just dropped you a reply.


@acemasters email has been sent

@the_termin8r i have sent it to you too…if you want…
otherwise you can delete it…your wish