Battle of the Films Animation League: Fixture 6


We all make mistakes man, but this is the second law inhere: to show tolerance, as none of us is perfect :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right!:relaxed:


@lpfan61 your welcome!

If you are reading some topics you will have noticed that we are good people.


@ironsoldier16: yes!you’re right!very kind people!feels like a big and friendly family…:blush: :hugs:


They make you feel like that. Now I hope that someone finds Nemo jaja, poor Nemo, it must be hard.


change the “they” into “we” , you are a part of it :stuck_out_tongue: jajajaja :joy:


It’s like @theearlywalker just said…:smile:


Thanks, that means so much for me, really.

Will you join us to the dark side? :wink:


There is still “one more light”…:wink:


Nice answer!

We need another one light in this side, we got :cookie:.


Seems that lpu people care about each other even if they don’t know in person…:wink::blush:



IMO we have a kind of interspace connection and is like we always have been brothers and sisters.


@ironsoldier16: it’s true! Why didn’t I sign up before??:woman_facepalming: I like this universe!:blush:


Because we didn’t have money(?)
I answer that to myself.


You don’t need a paid account. You can have a free one.


Really? How I can get one free? I want to invite some friends, but they can’t pay the membership.


At the very bottom of the page is a create an account option.


Thanks. I’ll tell my friends.


Im not in the LPU (couldn’t afford it :frowning: )


A friend gave me a spare 1y trial code, but paying for it is not worth it for me.