Battle of the films Animation League: Fixture 8


Things are now heating up as the fight for the top 4 is wide open
There is (including this fixture) 4 fixtures left that is a maxium 12 points up for grabs
This could go down to the wire
And here is a heavy hitter as Toy Story and the Lion King go toe to toe

Let the fight continue

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Toy Story 1
  • The Lion King

0 voters

  • Big Hero 6
  • Kung Fu Panda 2

0 voters

  • Shrek 3
  • How To Train Your Dragon 1

0 voters

  • Spirited Away
  • WALL-E

0 voters

  • Hotel Transylvania 1
  • Finding Nemo

0 voters

  • Final Fantasy: Advent Children
  • 9

0 voters

Fixture 7 Results

Table so far

It’s Ready

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It’s ready



It’s ready


@niihnogueira again your votes for the last fixture did not count as you failed to vote on every match
The rules are clear


done! third! :grinning:


Done. It was easy this time.


done! I had some problems with picking, but ok, done


I’ve seen lots of fixtures… but WALL-E vs Spirited Away is too brutal


Big Hero 6 vs Kung Fu Panda 2

Kill me now :joy:


The Lion King is taking No Prisoners…


Ah! Glad didn’t miss this one!

I remember @acemasters you said we can tag and bring in more people …

So @meandzane @georkost @aaran

Here’s an invitation for you (or whatever you call)
@acemasters runs the B.O.T (battle of the fixtures) . Currently we are doing battle of animated films… Here you can choose you fav. films and vote for them. If you wish to join… You can tag @acemasters or @Honey8 (me) .

Good day!


@aaran you have 12hrs until the polls close
You have 12hrs to vote on the matches you missed or your votes will not count!!!



Did other 2 vote??#


Oh wow, I think 9 might score its first win.


Not happy on how badly my nomination did in this league :rage::angry::angry::rage::angry::rage:


Mine’s doing worse. :joy:


Mine is just lost somewhere!! Cant find in table!! :joy:


If 9 wins which it will my nomination will be in Last Place…


What was yours @Honey8


Kung fu panda… Remember? I asked you if the specific no. Has to be given…
It reminds me this… I got this from somewhere, I was just randomly browsing… Have a look
:joy: :joy: so cute na…


Today I got almost everywhere in the minority :thinking:- it gets harder :sweat_smile: