Battle of the Films Champions League: Quarter Finals


Sorry for the long wait but here it is
The Quarter Finals, and the competition is hotting up as the fight to be crownd the champion picks up pace

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • The Matrix
  • Terminator 2: Judegment Day

0 voters

  • Pirates of Carribean: Deadmans Chest
  • Finding Nemo

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  • The Lion King
  • The Dark Knight

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  • Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire
  • Iron Man

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It’s Ready

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It’s ready


Read above post


Its ready


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Dark Knight vs Lion King was hard for me…


No worries! :hugs:

EDIT: same as Ace… :sweat:


The dark knight won .and it looks like Harry potter is winning too


Still very early days @hilaryfol :grin::grin:


jesus, all 50:50 except one… we don’t get a winner this way :laughing:


Done! It was a little hard, but I did. Let’s see what will happen now.


Lion king and dark Knight?!!

Finding nemo and pirate!!
Soo hard this time for me! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Damn this was the hardest round yet. I’m curious which film will win


Literally hardest!! I agree with you!


2 movies that are currently winning their matches I was not expecting to be winning


In an event of a tie, MY VOTE will not count to break the deadlock


2 are in a draw!! :open_mouth: It’s literally a hard one


Whaat? Iron Man vs. Harry Potter 50:50? C’mon people! :laughing:


It’s probably the nostalgia kicking in with most people. At least that’s what happened to me haha
Also I’ve never seen any Iron Man film, so easy choice there


Dunnow why- but I cannot vote :open_mouth:


This round finished some days ago. The semi final has been up a couple already.


Lol :see_no_evil: thanx Rob @the_termin8r