Battle of the Films Comedy League Fixture 11


What film is missing?

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Anchorman 1
  • Cable Guy

0 voters

  • Hangover 1
  • Dr. Dolittle

0 voters

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (remake)
  • The Dictator

0 voters

  • Tommy Boy
  • Eurotrip

0 voters

  • Grown Ups 1
  • Silence of the Hams

0 voters

  • Get Hard
  • Liar Liar

0 voters

  • Scary Movie 1
  • Airplane

0 voters

Fixture 10 Results

Table so far

@AJ_7 (1 point)
@amitrish (2 points)
@The_termin8r (2 points)

It’s Ready

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It’s ready

@lpfan61 (2 Points)

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Its ready

@aaran (4 points)

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The grand Budapest hotel is missing!


Yay!I have 2 points! @aaran you’re late this time! Muahaha :joy: :hugs:


Wow I was so grateful offering to share but as soon as you have your chance to pounce, you took it. You stole my point. My precious. You’ve shown your true colours @lpfan61 . This means war.


Bare in mind I’m also a possible threat :stuck_out_tongue: @acemasters how many polls left?


:joy: :joy: that was all a strategy… to confuse you and steal the point… muahaha :joy: :hugs:

@the_termin8r in action… do we have to be scared? :thinking: “not I, not me” :wink: :joy:


Well hopefully there are at least 2 more polls left so I can equalise with @aaran , ideally there will be 3 so I can win :stuck_out_tongue: . If there aren’t at least 2 left then he has already won.


Me too! I got one point!:joy::joy:


There is 15 polls in total!


There’s enough time to keep more points… :smirk:


4 left. @aaran musn’t win any of them.


game on buddy


I fear they’ll all come out during lectures though :expressionless:


No excuse. I’d stop doing a contact lens assessment on my patient in order to get that point :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lots of near ties this round. This is gonna be exciting :smiley:


“Can someone please explain… how water falls with no rain…” …loool!

Hey whats the points stuff going on here? @aaran seems to be great in scoring…

oh @aaran , crime buddy so this is what going on these days, huh?! :smirk:


Is there any game going on? I’m in nz so can’t keep up. Anyway @acemasters I changed my login so just for the future tagging


@rorybourdon @Honey8 yes there is a mini game happening and there is still enough fixtures to get involved as there is still 4 fixtures meaning 4 points still up for grabs

The aim is that every fixture has a missing film and you have to identify which is missing before anyone else