Battle of the Films Disney Movies Nominations


Right so Disney Movies won the poll

I guess it is time for some rules!!!

  1. One nomination each unless stated by me
  2. This one is important: Only Disney Movies (Disney Pixar, Disney Star Wars and Disney Marvel Movies are NOT allowed)
    For help go to this link
  1. No Duplicated Movies
  2. Be clear what film your nominating (example: Live Action/Animation/Remake)
  3. No movies that have featured in other leagues.
  4. TAG ME on your nominations please

My Nomination is: Honey, I Shrunk The Kids


It’s Ready


It’s ready



Its ready



Just to let you know got a good combination of movies for the Champions League…


My nomination is “Beauty and the Beast”, (1991), a classic :blush: @acemasters


My nomination is Moana.
I wanted to nominate Frozen as I’m dressing up as Anna but recently Moana stole my heart


Bambi 1 @acemasters


@mishelka3 please read the rules!
Especially Rule 2


Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End @acemasters


@acemasters Mulan


@acemasters Sleeping Beauty
after this it would be nice if you made one disney marvel movies


Pirates of the Caribbean Dead man’s chest @acemasters


Jesus, I didn’t see the NOT, I’m sorry I’m blind lol… I will think of another title.

Edit: I nominate Tangled (according to Google and Wiki, this should be pure Disney). Hope it’s OK @acemasters



The Little Mermaid (1989) @acemasters


Tarzan(1996) @acemasters


Peter Pan (1953) aka one of my favorite childhood movies


One hundred and one Dalmatians
Actually , I’m not a big fan of classic Disney, love Pixar much more


Which one @NickGr animated or live action


Yeah, animated one