Battle of the Films Final Nominations (Comedy)


Here it is the final genre before Battle of the Films Champions League kicks off

Before we start the nominations allow me to reveal Disney Movies Top 4

1st Mulan
2nd Pirates: Dead Mans Chest
3rd Beauty and the Beast
4th Bambi

Now before I put forth my nomination a couple of rules please read carefully

  1. 1 nomination each
  2. No duplicates (Please read other nominations before hand)
  3. No Movies that have already appeared in previous leagues
  4. Tag Me in your nomination
  5. Action/Comedy will not be accepted as I allowed it for the Action League
  6. Dependant of the amount of nominations all films may not make the final cut as this will be a Table League and not Elimination
    (Play-Offs will be put up to see which will make it)
  7. No nomination franchises, although you can nominate 1 film from a franchise (Example: You can’t nominate Ace Ventura as both films but could nominate either Ace Ventura: Pet Detective or Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls)

My Nomination
As a huge Jim Carrey Fan it will be one of his films, just a case of which one, hmmmmm

Mask…, Ace Ventura: PD…, Cable Guy…, Liar Liar…, Me, Myself and Irean…
I think, I am going to go with…

Cable Guy

Its ready



It’s ready



Its ready



@acemasters would you allow Hot Fuzz? I know you said no action comedy but the only real action is at the end.


@acemasters White chicks (I still laugh! A lot!!!)


“Grown ups” with Kevin James


@georkost and @the_termin8r

These nominations are a difficult one as both could be classed as Action Comedy, However in both Movies the majority of action comes at the end

I will need to take a moment to concider weither or not I will accept them

In the mean time please have a plan b nomination


Plan b the silence of the hams … @acemasters

(I know I have terrible taste in comedies!!)


Hard one because usually I don’t watch comedies.
I will nominate Eurotrip. I know it’s vulgar. Is funny, though.


Is police academy allowed? @acemasters


I nominate The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014):


@mishelka3 the rules does clearly say Action Comdey NOT ALLOWED


@rorymcgarrett no as it falls under Action Comedy


Read the rules!!!


Sorry I can’t read :woman_facepalming: I did read them but I didn’t notice the Action Comedy there. I just read the comments so I thought it’s not clear yet whether it’s allowed or not. Grand Hotel Budapest then :slight_smile:


My apologies @mishelka3 never knew you found reading difficult :pensive::pensive:


:joy: I don’t :smiley: It was sarcasm :laughing: It’s me who should apologize :slight_smile: :pray:


I am going to be horrible at this, can I nominate Dr.Dolittle? @acemasters


You can’t pick worse than these I picked :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I did read the rules but Police Academy has action at the end of the movie not whole.

So I am nominating Scary Movie 1


Aww obsessed ace. Jist kidding lol. Sorry. :wink:

Lol !

@acemasters i ain’t in this nomination. Will keep it as anime one ( tag me but i won’t vote) cause all comedy i have seen are regional. (Indian) . + I don’t have any idea about all those above nominations so probably i will not make any true vote. Sorry for this time too

And thanx! :slightly_smiling_face: