Battle of the Films: Final Result/Tables, Awards and Champions League information


Comedy League Final Fixture Result

Final Table

Before I get into the champions league a few awards are in order.

Unbeaten Award: Willy Wonka (Remake) (14 matches unbeaten (13 wins, 1 draw))
Biggest Loser: Silence of the Hams (0 wins)
Biggest Shock: Willy Wonka, I didn’t expect it to do so well
Best Comeback: Cable Guy
Champion Award: Willy Wonka

There you have it, and now the race for the Champions League Champion begins.

The 32 films that placed top 4 have been placed into 4 seeds
Seed 1 - All 1st Place Finishers
Seed 2 - 2nd Place
Seed 3 - 3rd Place
Seed 4 - 4th Place

There will be 8 Groups of 4, each group will have 1 film, choosen by a random generator, from each seed in each group.

Top 2 from each group will progress to a knockout style tourney. Where the winner from each progressing, so on and so forth until we have 2 films left

The overall winner is the film that wins the final

The groups will not be revealled until the Champions League Kicks Off

But here is the list of the seeded films

Seed 1
Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire
Nightmare On Elm Street 3
The Lion King
Iron Man
The Addams Family
Willy Wonka (Remake)

Seed 2
Indiana Jones: Last Crusade
The Matrix
Saw 7
Toy Story 1
The Dark Knight
Mr. Beans Holiday
Pirates: Dead Mans Chest
The Hangover

Seed 3
The Kingsmen
Star Wars: Empire
The Conjuring
Finding Nemo
Captain America: Civil War
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Beauty & the Beast
Liar Liar

Seed 4
V for Vendetta
Independance Day
Saw 1
The Simpsons Movie
Cable Guy


It’s Ready
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It’s ready


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Its ready

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0_o You lost me there. :sweat_smile:


Big shout out to you five for playing my mini game

Congratulations to @aaran and @the_termin8r for drawing on the mini game earning 4 points each

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@aaran (4 points)
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8 groups of 4 films, 1 from each seed

The Lion King
The Hangover
Captain America 2
Saw 1

Each will play each other once
The top two that at the end of all the battles will fight on


Its crazy one of the The Lord Of The Rings isn’t in that list :sob:


Same! I didn’t expect as well… :blush:


@aaran, not even sure Lord of the Rings even got nominated!

However another B.O.T.F will happen next year


Oh, so you pick and mix from the seeds for every poll?


It’s a real work for you to set up all that! :open_mouth: :hugs:


Me, trying to figure out why The Lord Of The Rings wasn’t nomintated

For everyone who didn’t nominate it…

Literally me right now :sob:


Looking forward to the final leagues :slight_smile:


I recently watched the first LOTR and I didn’t like it very much. It felt tedious and quite boring


Is your name Peregrin because you’re a



They are quite long, the first one has one of the slowest starts to a film ever. Not including Ridley Scott’s stuff from the 70s and 80s like Alien and Blade runner.


Are you including the Prologue? I don’t mind the “slow start” to be honest. I think it works beautifully. And its MUCH faster than what happens in the books :joy:


Exactly. It didn’t excite me enough to want to watch the sequels



The sequels are better. They have better action.


Me too :laughing: