Battle of the Films Final Results and next B.O.T


So Battle of the Films Champions League have come to an end

Lets begin with the results:

4th Place: Iron Man
Bronze: The Matrix
Silver: Pirates of the Carribean: Dean Mans Chest
Champions League Champion: The Dark Knight

Well there you have it Battle of the Films is done for now.

I may squeeze in another B.O.T of some sort before I launch B.O.T.S: OML League (more details on that another day)

But this is where you come in…

What kind of Battle of the… would you like to see!

Tag me in your ideas and I will review them!


It’s Ready


It’s ready


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Its ready


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THANKYOU!! Wow that was fun. Congrats to the winners :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tag, @acemasters . Congratulations to The Dark Knight.

I have to think in it. Maybe characters and/or writer.


YESSS The Dark Knight!!

Battle of the (movie) characters is a nice idea! @IronSoldier16.


Agreed with the results! :smile: :bat:

As for another B.O.T. … :thinking: maybe book characters… because the movie is directly connected with the character, so the results would be similar to the previous ones…my thoughts…
But I’ll think better about it @acemasters


Hmm, have we done TV series?

I like the characters idea too :slight_smile:


We haven’t done TV series, but then my vote would be quite useless as I don’t regularly watch any :smile:


It’s quite difficult- but as we are all music-fans why not doing a BOTS of Bands? Mixed genres? Could be interesting…


It was fun!! Thank you for your time doing this whole thing :slight_smile:
Battle of linkin park songs??? Each album songs for vote and the top 2 can move to champions league! They will compete against songs from the top 2 of all the other albums…


@georkost already did that!

Did Battle of the Albums
Each album had a top 4 and did a Champions League!


I was thinking of doing my original B.O.T.S

Hybrid Theory vs Meteora

I take songs that have a simular take against each other

Example: Faint vs One Step Closer
On paper they don’t have a much in common apart from one thing, they are both the shortest songs on their respectable Albums

Each song that faces off I will explain why they face off and well the winners progress!


Wow!difficult…I mean difficult to choose one… I love all! :heart_eyes:


I like the sound of this! I think we should make it so you vote in the comments and you have to justify your decision, instead of just a poll


Yaaayyy! Dark Knight won! :heart_eyes: Lool
I am soo Happy!
Dances around the house like a kid

I’d like this one… :slightly_smiling_face::blush:

Hey! That competition idea is great as well! :smiley:


I really like that idea @theearlywalker


Yeah I think this is the best option


So Battle of the Songs: Different Bands

Oh oh
Could this and have a champions league


B.O.T.S: Boy Bands
B.O.T.S: Girl Bands
B.O.T.S: Solo Acts
B.O.T.S: Rock
etc etc etc!!!


oh yeah! :sunglasses: :smiley: