Battle of the films Horror league Final result and awards and Animation nomination


This league was actually very entertaining
It threw in many twist and turns and the top 4 was in constant battle for their spot

Lets begin with the final fixture results

And now for the final table

Unbeaten award: The Conjuring (8 matches in a row unbeaten: 7 Wins and 1 Draw)
Biggest loser award: Drag Me To Hell (8 Losses 1 Draw)
Biggest Disappointment: For me Childs Play, I thought it would fair alittle better
Biggest shock: The Conjuring, I didn’t expect it to do so well, even though it finished 3rd but it did go 8 matches unbeaten
Championship: Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The next B.O.T.F is Animation
Need 1 nomination from everyone

Rules: 1 Nomination each, unless I say otherwise
2: Please read other nominations for other people so you don’t nominate the same film twice, duplicates will be ignored
3: Only true animation will be accepted, example I will accept Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (no that isn’t my nomination) But WILL NOT accept Who Framed Roger Rabbit as it relies on Live Action as well, so only films with no live action will be accepted
4: Tag me in your nominations


It’s Ready


It’s ready




Speaking of this… WALL-E has some technics of live action films used in it. I mean, wide shots and stuff. It’s compeletely animated though


How to train your dragon


My nomination is 9 @acemasters (Not to be confused with Nine which is something completely different).


Toy Story


Mine has already lost because I bet nobody has seen it, which is a shame because it’s actually a pretty good film.


I was gonna say that!! I really like tha movie

@acemasters my nomination - Madagascar

Do we have to specify which part?


Big Hero 6 @acemasters


I think we do, because:


Shrek 3 (I’m very bad at choosing movies)




Seen, & B*tch!


The nominations itself is killing me! I would be gone for a few days 'cuz this league will be tough.
I wanted to put Mary & Max, The Iron Giant, Spirited Away, Kung Fu Panda, The Nightmare Before Christmas, My Neighbor Totoro… but I nominate


Sorry I didn’t read it properly.
Big big sorry …I want to change my nomination…
Sorry sorry

Kung fu panda 2 … Thnx. :slightly_smiling_face:


(points a laser on face)
(waits for @intheend)


Dude!!! The competition is so tough, could not resist. No guns please!


Just make your nominations. I dont think that you have rights to abuse others…dont vote then if you dont want. …


So you mean that in a good way?


I have! I have full rights. And I am exercising my rights.You will get to know about it soon.

Yes, it was my favorite when I saw it, and I still I own a copy of the movie.


K. sry


This inspires me to write a book named “How to be abusive and still make others apologize”.